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    More detailed information can be found on the official school website for Frank Hughes School.

A Historical School

Over 100 years ago the Frank Hughes School was built to honor young Frank Hughes who was killed during a hunting accident in 1904.  The town and surrounding community greatly mourned his death and the grief of his parents, T.S. and Betty Hughes.  When a new school was proposed, the town wanted to honor young Frank and his parents, who had contributed so much to the community.  

Originally the school was both a college and grade school, and even awarded Bachelors and Associates Degrees.  Today it houses Preschool to Grade 12, and it has outgrown its original building, with many additions having been made to the campus of this historical school.  The bellfry and title block of the original building still stand as a memorial to all the students who have graced the halls of the only public school in Clifton, as a testimony to the importance of education to this community.  

We encourage you to visit the official website for the Frank Hughes School in Clifton, especially if you have children attending.  

Opened in 1906, Frank Hughes School serves students in Preschool through Grade 12, the school is still "dedicated to the cause of education," and the school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. For more information call 931-676-3325.

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