Clifton, Tennessee

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Civil War Trail

During his famous West Tennessee raid of December 1862, Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest used the Clifton ferry as he
entered West Tennessee. He used it again when he left.

Late in December 1863, the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry (US) occupied Clifton and placed a garrison on Stockade Hill behind
Clifton Presbyterian Church, which Confederate troops had used as a hospital. The Federals used it as a livery stable and a
blacksmith shop. The damage the building suffered resulted in a claim against the United States, which compensated the
congregation with $780 in 1915. The funds were used to construct the present tall steeple.

Clifton has two Civil War Trail markers, one at the river to designate the crossing and one at the Clifton Presbyterian Church on Main St. within walking distance of each other.


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