City of Clifton Permits

The City receives frequent requests from residents for the following forms, which can be filled out online, printed and mailed to the City or delivered to City Hall with applicable fees during regular business hours: 

Construction and Residential Permits

adobe acrobat reader  Building permits can be applied for at City Hall.  Fees are subject to the size of the project.

adobe acrobat reader  Clifton Historic Preservation Application

adobe acrobat reader  Fire Protection Contract Outside City Limits

adobe acrobat reader  Burn Permit

adobe acrobat reader  Fire Training Release Form

Permanent Sign Permit

The City of Clifton requires a permit application prior to the erection of a permanent sign within the city limits.

adobe acrobat reader  Sign Permit Application

Utility Permits

The City of Clifton provides water and wastewater utility services to residents within the city limits and water to customers outside the city limits in certain locations. Forms relating to activation, relocation and disconnection of these utilities are available below.

adobe acrobat reader  Utility Activation Form

adobe acrobat reader  Request for Utility Service Relocation

adobe acrobat reader  Utility Connect/Disconnection Form


Miscellaneous Forms

adobe acrobat reader  Authorization Agreement for Automated Debits

adobe acrobat reader  Brick Paver Order Form